The 10 Facebook KPI Report Spreadsheets of all time

As a data junkie, I’ve been inundated with requests for additional Facebook-specific report spreadsheet templates. Whether you are seeking a report that will aggregate 200 Facebook accounts (yep, one of our customers uses one!) or a Facebook Ads report with different tabs taylor-made for each team leader because they all look at data differently (this is also very common), it seems that getting started with a coherent Facebook analysis strategy can be pretty overwhelming for a lot of people. Never fear, the Factivate nerds are on it!

We’ve compiled some of the most popular Facebook reporting spreadsheets that we have seen/built after scouring the web for hundreds of hours, working with Facebook experts, and ultimately partnering with some of the best digital marketers seeking to improve on their Facebook ROI. Below is a list of the top 10 Facebook Report spreadsheet templates of all time that we have created with our Factivate spreadsheet as a result.

Top 10 Facebook Spreadsheet reports for Digital Agencies and Marketers

Automated Facebook Ads Spreadsheet for Digital Agencies wanting to impress their client with Automated Data Report and a great Dashboard

this is crazy

Automated Facebook Ads and Insights Spreadsheet For Digital Campaign Managers wanting to report on multiple accounts

this is crazy

Automated Facebook Insights Spreadsheet for Digital Agencies tracking 20+ different accounts

his is crazy

Facebook Insights activity for a Campaign Manager


Automated Facebook Ads Report made for Individual Team Leaders (one data-heavy, the other visually pleasing)

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